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As if we have not been tossed around enough by the weather goddesses we now get to have our noses rubbed in it. We’re in the midst of a set of lovely fall days–highs in the upper 60s, lows in the upper 40s–with enough sun to let us strip to our tee shirts by mid-afternoon and watch the squash, corn and tomatoes sit there in the field, still green and waiting to ripen, day after day.

unripe squash

But they won’t, of course. The sun is already too low in the sky and the days are too short. Those squashes can read the weather signs–maybe better than we can–and they’ve pulled their remaining energy back from fruiting. That was last month’s work, when the sun was supposed to shine, but didn’t.

We’ve already given up on the bush beans and ripped them out. We’ll be tearing up the squash vines soon to make room for planting next year’s garlic crop. Our weather guru, Cliff Mass, says nighttime temperatures will soon be down in the upper 30s, so we will probably end up throwing those veggies–unripe and uneaten–into the compost pile.

Thanks for the sunny afternoons, weather goddesses.  You sure know how to rub it in.


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