Weather Report

By all measures, this has been a weird summer, weather-wise. But you knew that already. We just thought you might like to be reminded that a lot of grinding cold, hot, wet and dry work goes into those lovely bags of salad, beets, etc. we sell at the Sat. Bainbridge Island farmers market and put in your CSA box.

Right now, the operable words are “wet” and “cold.” Our farmers, including the interns, were out at dawn today snipping salad greens in the rain and wind. They’ll be out there most of the rest of the day bringing in the veggies that will fill the CSA boxes tomorrow.

Caitlin digging beets in the rain

When they’re done, Rebecca and Louisa will head home and the interns will trudge back to their yurts–tents really–and feed their woodstoves to keep warm.

Greg, bringing in the harvest in the rain

Last night, just before 10 P.M., Greg was taking a pre-bed shower in the barn when the power went out. He stood in the cold and the dark hoping it would reappear. (It did, a few minutes later.)

Pretty romantic life, eh?

Louisa in the rain

So this one is for the farmers, old and new, who bring in the veggies and flowers, rain or shine. And for Judith, our Wise Acres neighbor, celebrity baker and all-around angel, who broke the gloom by bringing us a very fancy lunch today, complete with flutes of champagne.

Here’s to us all, farmers, subscribers, shoppers and angels. Not such a gloomy day after all.