We’re Back

And as we promised here are some pictures of the new turkey poults. The hatch was a bit disappointing–of about 80 eggs the five hens laid, we got only 17 hatchlings. And we think an eagle may have nailed one of them. That’s the way it goes on a farm.

Still, the little guys are pretty cute, and they have certainly wasted no time getting out and about. Moms are doing well. Got a minute? We’ve got a few snapshots.

Here’s a couple of the new poults out for their first stroll.


A bug-hunting seminar.

And getting more lessons from mom on feeder etiquette.

Ok, we understand that nobody’s snapshots of their kids are as cute as your own, so we’ll stop here. But they grow up so fast.

Drop by the farm gate and see for yourself.





  1. Madhav’s avatar

    Wow! Nag-parade ang turkeys Momi Jess! Libre na atong phopaainn! LOL. Here, too, I see lots of turkeys on the roads kay daghan man mi lasang gud diri bisan naa kunohay sa syudad. They’re fun to look at!

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